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Mar 8, 2023

What strategies can be used to overcome decision-making paralysis and move forward with important choices? How can leaders better manage their time and prioritize tasks in order to achieve their goals and avoid feeling overwhelmed by their to-do lists?


To get to the bottom of these answers then you don't want to miss this episode! Today’s guest, Matthew Schramm, shares his experience with the Positive Intelligence coaching program and how it helped him overcome his inner saboteurs, increase his confidence, and deal with ambiguity in his career.

Matthew also dives right into the Sage perspective, the program's framework for turning difficult situations into opportunities for growth and learning. He explains how the Sage powers can help you slow down, reassess your assumptions, and find positive outcomes even in the face of adversity.

If you're curious about the Positive Intelligence coaching program and how it can benefit you and your team, tune in to this episode. You'll learn about the program's holistic approach, the daily time commitment required, and the benefits of participating in a small group or "pod". You'll also hear real-life examples of how the program can improve your emotional intelligence, leadership skills, and overall well-being. Don't miss this chance to discover your positive intelligence and unlock your full potential!


Listen to the episode here:

In this episode you’ll hear:  

  • [2:34] A bit of where Matthew is currently focused on in his career.

  • [5:35] What exactly is positive intelligence?

  • [7:00] Matthew’s challenges that he was facing that convinced him to take the next step.

  • [10:53] When I realized that my hyper-acheiver saboteur was really getting in the way.

  • [13:41] Checklists are good but it is okay to have flexibility.

  • [19:36 ] This coaching program has exceeded my expectations in a big way.

  • [22:32] Learning, growing, and chatting with my “pod group” has help me see all the different thought styles within the group. 

  • [26:05]  The sage perspective slows you down and enables you to acknowledge that even the most challenging experiences can teach you something.

  • [30:06] Combining the sage perspective and knowing your saboteurs turns into this powerful cocktail of empowerment.

  • [34:04] Matthew’s final words of wisdom on what he has learned through his experience.

If you, or your organization are interested in exploring how the 7-week Positive Intelligence program can help reduce stress and improve communication, reach out to us at to receive more information.


Connect with Matthew here: