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Feb 8, 2023

Have you ever spoken to someone where the other person appeared to interpret your words differently than you did? Is there a deeper reason why this happens?


In today's episode, I am joined by Michael Liebowitz, whose background in linguistics and behavioral neurology allows him to work with businesses to understand the value of developing a human connection. We delve into the science of communication and the role of beliefs in shaping the way we communicate. He also provides practical tips for leaders to improve their communication skills, such as being aware of their internal stance and the importance of framing conversations positively.


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In this episode you’ll hear:  

  • [7:07] A bit of Michael Liebowitz’s background and how he found his career path

  • [11:54] How do you handle tough clients?

  • [13:42] A story on how a company needed Micheal to discover their business framing

  • [16:27] Transferring the knowledge of how human beings understand each other to the corporate world

  • [18:11] What is actually going on when we miscommunicate and misunderstand each other?

  •  [22:29] How can leader communicate their intent better when delivering employee performance reviews?

  • [26:38] Human beings are good “BS detectors,” but it is not exactly what you may think BS stands for

  • [30:29] How Michael’s methodology was  able to help a company discover its core value proposition

  • [35:00] A deep dive into that part of our brain that deals with emotions and survival that determines if a potential client will decide to work with a business

  • [38:47] Allowing teams to find that clear communication to work with each other

  • [41:56] A few parting thoughts and suggestions for how to improve our communication moving forward