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Jan 27, 2023

While some dismal news looms for businesses in January, how do we embrace positivity?  Can we find the opportunities to put the power of positivity into action?


In today’s episode, I sit down with Jenny Katchepaw, who is the Vice President of talent engagement for a large California-based bank. With her focus on helping employees stay engaged with their own work, she believes in the power of positivity as the driving force. 

Listen to the episode here:

In this episode, you’ll hear:  

  • [2:49] A little about Jenny's career history and her skillset
  • [5:28] In a post-covid world, It is now about those important connections with your employees
  • [6:46] How I developed the power of positivity with the help of “The Energy Bus” by Jon Gordon
  • [9:00] I don’t want to be an energy vampire; I need to change something
  • [12:32] How important is it to know the personal life situations of your own employees?
  • [16:05] It is better to “take a breath” than it is to lose your temper in most, if not all, situations
  • [19:00] You can’t control the event, but you can control your perception of the event
  • [22:33] Invite people on your bus and share your vision
  • [25:23] Just because they are not speaking doesn’t mean they are not contributing
  • [31:53] Enthusiasm attracts more passengers and energizes them during the ride
  • [35:29] Our career path is not one straight lineup, sometimes  we need to ask for what we want
  • [37:41] Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the ride
  • [43:53] Don’t forget that the power is all within ourselves to make the positive changes that we want


Feel free to connect with Jenny at

Here is the book that Jenny was referencing in the podcast: The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon