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Jul 13, 2022

Overly aggressive communication

Manipulating behaviors

Intentional humiliation

Are you tolerating any of this at work? 

You deserve better than a toxic work environment. And my guest this week is here to help! 

In today’s episode, I invite an expert in workplace bullying, Catherine Mattice, to share her work consulting and coaching around toxic work cultures. She shares her BIGGEST tips and best advice for dealing with bullies in the workplace, the effects toxic culture can have on staff, and how to have your own positive impact at work - one bully at a time. 

We dive into:

  • [7:10] Catherine’s career journey and how she came to her work in toxic culture & workplace bullying
  • [10:00] How to know if you are in a toxic work environment (and why these behaviors sometimes go unnoticed)
  • [13:05] Catherine’s personal story of bullying in her own career - and the outcome
  • [19:00] The real effects workplace bullying can have on the culture and personal health and well-being of the staff
  • [29:00] Real-life stories of bullying and how Catherine’s coaching got results
  • [37:00] Tips for becoming a better ally for others who are being bullied in the workplace
  • [44:00] Her advice if you’re feeling stuck in a toxic work culture

Connect with Catherine Mattice here:


Twitter : @catmattice -






Listen to the episode here:


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